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We are a group of ex-first responders (EMS, RCMP, City police, correction officers) and veterans (army, air, naval) who found peace in being there for each other. We fought our demons and darkness that found us in traumas. We are not broken; we are healing together. Every day is a day closer to being better. There is a stigma about mental illnesses in the military’s world and first responder’s world. It might be by being misinformed or misunderstood. It will not get better if we ignore the issue, so let’s talk about it.
There is no small trauma, and we are not here to compare war stories.
We all found energy in the brotherhood, we also found other alternative into our issues.
Interestingly we met in first responders and veterans’ group where we bounded quickly. Even if the groups stopped due to COVID19, we continued to meet for coffee. We also connected through art. Some of us paint, draw, airbrush, write books, poetry, etc. 

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This guy really knows how to climb hills. I was on a walk with him and could hardly keep up! I love the messages behind the shirts and hat designs.
Adam H
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Veteran Owned and Made Apparel. We donate 10% of all profits to CanPraxis in support of Veterans.

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Special Forces Dagger