Art of letting go

Art of letting go


It might sound harsh but in letting go, I will encompass human and material together. Because the ideology is the same truly.

Art of letting of also follow minimalist mentality that buddha talked about. 

Time to declutter, remove what is not useful for you. What does not go along your values, lifestyle has to go. It has been proven by letting go of the clutter you have all around you, you will think more clearly, pursue your passion more fully, being in the present moment.

When I think of letting go, I go though 3 methods of thinking, once again that can be in your closet and your friendships. 

  • Simplification: remove the excess, declutter your home, maybe less social media is what you need to focus more on you, less empty relationships to gain that one relationship who will change your life. What do you really need?
  • Intentionality: make some conscious and deliberate decisions. Why? what does it change? simple, you wont regret things, you wont go back on your decision process and you will gain time, that previous you would waste playing yo-yo with what you chose. Ask yourself: Does this add values to my life? Will it help me reach my goal? Live your life with a purpose, stop being sluggish.
  • Quality over quantity: More is not better. Do you really need 1000 friends or do you need that one friend who you can trust with your life? It is not about having fewer things either but the RIGHT things.


What will you get out of it?

  • Mental clarity - less chaos (in your brain and physically)
  • Financial freedom - quality over quantity and being intentional on your purchase or your friendship will bring better decision on your purchase. Does it really add up to your life to be out partying 3-4-5 times a week? I did it, and now looking back, I could have used my time for better.
  • You will pursue a way more meaningful life.

It is not about the destination but where the journey will take you through to evolve and teach you lessons that are forever making you grow. It is about what you truly need and eliminate the excess.

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