For the longest time, I was showed a way to follow and that being different was not ok. 

I was made to believe that if I was not following the group due to what ever reason I would never end up alone. If you are like me, you did face loneliness. Is it wrong? At that time, I beat myself, I hated to not think the same way that others did. Because I was not talking like others, not processing the same way, not wanting the same things…  I was different, and it is not me plugging ‘’wired differently’’ hell no.  It’s to remind you that it is ok to be different. 

 Loneliness came at a price, and a form of suffering, but it also came as a gift. Today, I look back and I hope that you do too and realize why you had that path. Sometimes it upset others… because you will say something that will offend, frustrate and at times even hear some insults for standing your grounds. 

Being different makes you unique, and being unique is exactly how the person you look up to is! Because nobody look up to the normal dude/dudette who does like everyone else. 

People follow Jocko, Eric Thomas, Andy Frisella, Ashley Horner, Goggins and so many more, those men and women pushed the extra miles, they went so far that they are above theirs limits. Now that they are up there, they don’t rest because they are number 1, they don’t stop, they keep grinding and  this is truly what we look up to. They don’t give up and bigger than that, they are not the average joes. They made sure to never be part of the following group.  


So, if being different, bring you to be alone, it is ok. So, if being the black sheep makes you create a family of your own and not being so close to your bloodline, then be it.  There is no reason to try so hard to fit a mold that you should never lay in, because it is simply not you. 

So be that black sheep… be that different person and embrace it, because trust me it is so WORTH IT 



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