Time has passed.

Time has passed.

Things changed.... Time passed...

I am no angel, but I learned to own what I do wrong. I dont have to like what you say, but I can respect it... Not necessarily accept it.

Instead of dividing us, why dont we sit at the table and chat. Share our opinions and see the best of both side.
If Im wrong, I will stand up to it.... And tell you. Nothing wrong with that. I have had a different opinion on a topic tonight and I have been called names, not that it matters to be swore at, I have been there... It is not affecting me. But it makes me wondering why people get so upset by others who see the world differently.

I remember pulling over a lady that I believed she was using her cellphone while driving. I would not give a break to driver using cellphone because I have attended so many collision related to it. I have seen pedestrians who had been hit because of a driver texting. When I pulled her over, I asked her if she was using her phone, she confirmed that she did not, that she was actually picking her nails. She proceeded to show me her cellphone in a rice bag because she had dropped it in water a day prior.

I was in the wrong... I apologized and wished her a wonderful day.

It isnt hard.

It's about time people starts owning their wrong... And stop blaming the world for it.
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