When it rains, it pours… 

When it rains, it pours… 

You will get hit; you will go down… You might even lose faith in yourself…  Your motivation will leave you. You will be alone, because even when we are surrounded by people, we are alone with ourselves.  

It is time for you to realize that when you fall down, you got to get up. 

At one point you will make yourself a volunteer victim, why me… did I not suffer enough? Wishing you would have a different life, comparing yourself to others, believing they have it easier. When you have no clue what they had to go through. 

When you come to the crossroad, that you either stay at the location you are, take another path because you give up or you go forward. 

If you are going through what you are going through, it’s because you have the tools to confront it. It’s because you have the strength to make it happen.  

What do you do when you fall down? 

You gotta fight your way back to win because this is your win. 

The process is the most beautiful thing that life gave you, are you going to spit on it or go to the battle?! 

This is your life, I won’t do the work for you, your neighbors wont do it, your mama or daddy wont be able to pay your way… It is up to you. 

Don’t wait for the train to stop for you, because it wont, it is going forward… so run after it, and jump into it. That’s the first step, to get on the train and then it’s the hard work that you will put days in and days out. Your effort will make the difference. 

There is no I don’t have time, I cant do it, tomorrow I will start… Everyone has the same 24 hours in their days. Are you going to make it? 

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