At 19 years old, Jon joined the military to work in communication in the
army for 4 years. This led to his service in the navy where he was a
member of Special Operation Forces. For 6 years his assignments were on
a ‘need to know’ basis—nationally and in Iraq.

On his return, he transitioned to employment that allowed him to continue
to serve Canadians, but outside the camouflage uniform. He became a
police officer in a major city in Canada.

As Jon dedicated himself to others, he showed signs of mental fatigue.
After serving the country for over fifteen years, Jon was diagnosed with
Post-traumatic stress disorder due to what he was exposed to as a result of
his work (abroad and inside our country).

During this dark time, he chose to show the world the inside of the mind of
someone suffering from PTS(I) due to his service. His book, Operation:
Wired Differently was written and published.

The challenges of healing were harder than he expected: he was put

through multiple types of therapies, to finally gain enough knowledge to
make peace with the past. 

This was the start of his mental health advocacy in various countries. Jon
participated in many podcasts and blogs, and was asked by multiple
specialists his views on the matter. He has presented in both official
languages of Canada, focusing on peer support, mental health, and

He began a proactive project creating logo-ed clothing to raise funds for
various groups. His goal: to get rid of the stigma within the uniform, and
within civilian populations. But he wanted more.

Unable to return to his former life of service of protecting the community, he
decided to advocate and take care of others so that they don’t have to
experience the hardships he went through. In order to continue to help
others, Jon enrolled at the Life Coach School of Brooke Castillo; his
certification followed. His experience in the military and on the streets as an
officer qualifies him as being able to handle myriad situations with a
combination of deep compassion and stealth organizational excellence.
Jon’s lifelong passion for the arts—including poetry which he
writes—complements his boots-on-the-ground skills. Jon is married and an
active father to two young boys. He has learned to prioritize his family,
manage his complex stress injury, and continue his service to others
through consistent and healthy dedication.