• Vic Chhay

    My name is Victoria Chhay and I am proud supporter of Wired Differently and all that they stand for with regards to mental health and vbeing the best version of ourselves. I strive to make the world a better place by living a life where I both am selfless and kind towards others but also don't forget about my mental health; I need to be at my best version of me before I can help others.

    I enjoy being active, cooking and eating dood that makes my heart happy and being with those who love me. You can find me lifting heavy ovjects for fun, camping and exploring the local winners. I have learned a lot from the Wired Differently Team and have seen them support people around me. I am so lucky to have linked up with such a positive and meaningful organization.

  • Marcus Jefferson

    My name is Marcus Jefferson or as I am known to my comrades in the French Foreign Legion, Michael Jordan. I am a Canadian expatriate and French Foreign Legion Veteran. April 15th 2023 I start at the Arctic Ocean and marching south to the Pacific Coast, then to the East Coast along the Trans Canada Trail. After reaching the east coast, I will march back to my home town of Windsor, Ontario. This will be a 27,000 km World Record march.    I am a trauma Survivor and mental health visonary. Giving back to my great nation one step at a time. Suffer And Reward !

  • Belle Coleman

    My name is Belle (Isabelle),

    I am passionate on all realms of mental health and physical health. As humans we are all connected by energy and it affects all aspects of our lives like dominoes.

    I met Jon through being an ambassador with MHI and instantly we connected like long lost siblings which was pretty crazy amazing. It’s how I found so much community, like minded people, a supportive family that I did not know was possible to find or that I needed. A true blessing! Being raised by a family in service both in uniform/public servants (CAN/USA) I was shown the world differently and witness the raw struggles and dangers people had to go through everyday. Just like my own life experiences / situations that were out my control leading to depression, emotional trauma, PTSD, Insomnia, grief and all the questions unanswered. Somehow I always wanted to deep dive in the uncomfortable to heal, to forgive, to understand and to live again. It allowed me to become the person I am today.