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The war within: it represents the internal fight that some have to confront with mental illness… The terrors, anxiety, fear, memories and so much more. The wings are from the Pheonix… Who can revive after its life goes quiet.

After being deployed we come back home and sometimes, the war follows us, within us.


She is fearless: She can bring life into this world… And as a warrior, she can take it out…She is fearless.
With this design, I wanted to recognize and thank the strong women in my life…


What scares you, excites me:

this is the new design, I talked about it before, I called it the monster within us. Let’s use this anger, this agressivety to push our physical limits. A good friend of mine brought up the quote ” what scares you, excites me”… Which connected so well with the monster inside of us and with Wired Differently. This addiction to the adrenaline, to enter a house where only the flames can be seen… Kicking the door of a drug house… Saving a child from a horrible situation.

A true hunter knows it is not the price, a true hunter lives for the hunt… For the whole process… If you wonder what are the 3 numbers on the logo, those are the last 3 of a wonderful veteran’s service number. I wanted to highlight his sacrifice.


RED Friday : Remember everyone deployed, a design that thanks every soldier abroad.


Black, Blue, Red


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She's fearless, The war within, RED Friday, What scare you, excites me